AT&T looks to explain your cellphone bill like never before (video)

First Posted: 12/05/12 06:19 PM ET Updated: 12/07/12 03:29 PM ET

Originally posted Dec 5, 2012 on Engadget by Sharif Sakr, revised for AOL by Rob Zanicchi & Joe Pollicino

After analyzing the vaguely labeled taxes and fees, a cellphone bill can make an IRS audit seem like a walk in the park. Well, it seems that AT&T wants to ease the pain by offering "video bills" to either new subscribers or those who switch to a new plan.

We don't know if this update has customers' interests at heart, or if AT&T's call center staff were just sick to the eyeballs of having to explain people's bills to them, but the end result is the same either way. The personalized vignette provides a "line-by-line visual and audio tour" of one's monthly statement. It comes at no additional cost, bringing you a comforting voice that reads out every dollar that you owe -- albeit still without giving you the true details behind many of the usual "usage" charges. The numbers inside the breakdown are personally tailored, and it'll even refer to you by name. It appears finishing last in the recent Consumer Reports carrier satisfaction survey may have motivated AT&T to try to win back our customer service-loving hearts.

Via: Gizmodo
Source: AT&T