You got the latest device, here are some of the best apps


First Posted: 12/27/12 03:32 PM ET Updated: 12/28/12 03:39 PM ET

By Rob Zanicchi posted Dec 28, 2012

After unwrapping all of those digital delights this holiday season, you may find yourself wondering what to do next -- download some captivating apps, of course. Whether your stocking was stuffed with the latest Apple iOS device or one powered by Google's Android OS, this roundup will have you covered with some of our essential picks from Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store.

With the New Year around the corner, you can keep your resolution to get organized in 2013 using Evernote (free in the App Store / Google Play); it's a handy program that allows you to keep all kinds of notes (voice, text, etc.) that can be shared across all of your devices.

Vowing to get fit instead? No problem -- Lose It! (free in the App Store / Google Play) helps you stay on track by maintaining a log of your dietary and exercise habits.

In case you need some fun, try Stupid Zombies (free in the App Store / Google Play), an addictive game which has you hunting down the undead, or Words With Friends (free in the App Store / Google Play) to challenge opponents to creative word wars.

When you're done killing time, head over to your next stop with Google Maps for iOS (free in the App Store), which we consider to be a great alternative to Apple's Maps app on iOS 6. It may not have 3D effects, but it brings back Google's well-known map accuracy and advanced mass transit directions to iOS users, along with its own turn-by-turn navigation capabilities.

You can document your journey with Twitter (free in the App Store / Google Play), the mobile version of the social network that enables you to receive push notifications from your feed.

For all you photo buffs, snap some shots with Instagram (free in the App Store / Google Play) and apply an array of photo filters to your pics before sharing with friends -- essentially giving them that nostalgic Polaroid look.

Another app that allows you to follow the things you care about is Flipboard (free in the App Store / Google Play), which helps you stay up-to-date with tailored news feeds.

If you find yourself eager to get back to work instead, you can always access your computers on your mobile device using LogMeIn Ignition, but it'll cost you ($130 in the App Store / $30 at Google Play).

Exploring all of these options may best be done with some music, and we recommend Spotify (free in the App Store / Google Play) so you can quickly listen to your favorite tunes while you surf.

Oh, and before we forget, we'd be remiss not to mention the Engadget app (free in the App store / Google Play).