Google assures us its Street View vehicle didn't kill that donkey


Posted: 01/16/13 04:16 PM ET

Originally posted Jan 16, 2013 on Engadget by Brian Heater, revised for AOL by Rob Zanicchi

Google has been accused of murder -- say it isn't so. While gathering imagery last May in Kweneng, Botswana (just above South Africa) for its Street View functionality within Google Maps, one of the company's rides encountered a donkey lying in the dirt road. The pics have been fueling rumors of vehicular equus-slaughter, sending social sites like Reddit ablaze with speculative posts. Before you go hurling insults like "donkey killer" at the multinational software giant, though, it's probably best to get the other side of the story.

The growing amount of discussion unsurprisingly prompted an explanation from Mountain View to calm the masses. In spite of visual evidence to the contrary, Team G insists that it did not, in fact, run over a burro. In fact, Google has laid the whole thing out Zapruder-style over on its Maps blog, highlighting how the donkey, which appears to be dead, gets up and walks away, after lying down in the road, "perhaps enjoying a dust bath." Google further explains that the Street View feature is pieced together for a 360-degree view of the ground, which can result in somewhat distorted images of the surrounding world. So, rest assured, Botswana's jackasses are safe from Google's reach -- for now.


Via: Gizmodo, Reddit, The Next Web
Source: Google Maps Blog