S. G. Collins: Whether the Apollo moon landings were faked, the footage likely wasn't

Moon Landing

First Posted: 01/24/13 07:53 PM ET Updated: 01/25/13 02:49 PM ET

Posted by Joe Pollicino

Conspiracy theories. It seems that any major event in the world is followed up with skeptics proposing explanations about how the official reports are lies. Of course, one of the most famous is that the US Government faked NASA's Apollo program moon landings from 1969 onward in a movie studio. You've probably come across some explanations for and against it, but YouTuber sgcollins is using his camera knowledge to bet it wasn't possible to fake realistic footage of men traveling to, and exploring the moon.

Put simply, he makes two key points (among many) about the people and technology of the time. First off, he notes folks were crazy enough to do it with the available science know-how -- namely, that it was exceedingly capable to support the outer-space endeavor. The second, and most important in this case, is that even the most advanced camera equipment during that era was simply not advanced enough to produce the so-called fake goods. As you'd expect, he even thoroughly analyzes the lighting and speed of various videos and photos, detailing what would have been needed despite not existing yet. Beyond all that, there's explanation of how mediocre special were to drive the point home further. We won't spoil all the juicy details, though, so check out the video below and feel free to make your own conclusions in the comments.

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